Issue 219
Winter 2021/2022

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Dec 2, 2021

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Dear Sir…

Sir, – May I share my experience of the Borders Book Festival just past, held at Abbots-ford House?

I was keen to attend to hear guest speaker Alexander McCall Smith. I was told when I phoned, yes, there was still a ticket available. However, this is where the trouble started and to not put too fine a point on it, I felt humiliated by the staff of both Abbotsford and the book festival.

The problem was, as I am registered disabled (still recovering from Cardiac issues), I needed a wheelchair. As well as a wheelchair, which was eventually found, I needed someone to push me the 100 yards down to the event from the car park. But that, I was told, was not possible at all.

I was told first it was because of insurance, then no one was trained to push a wheelchair or as, Alistair Moffat the Director told me finally, it just was not on. "Why don’t you ask a friend to oblige?" he said.

I had wanted to attend to buy some of Sandy’s latest books as signed Christmas presents. As a 71 year old living 5 miles from Abbotsford, this left me in tears.

I spoke afterwards to my MSP, Rachel Hamilton, who was shocked at the treatment I had received.

In my previous working life I was employed to carry out disability access visits for bodies such as The National Library in Edinburgh and was always treated with courtesy and with proper measures in place

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