Issue 216
Spring 2021

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Jun 23, 2021

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Spring 2021 (7.8MB)

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A tunnel vision brought to life in Edinburgh

ONCE DARK and deserted, an old railway tunnel in Edinburgh has been transformed by the biggest mural of its kind in Scotland as part of a community project… read more>>

Tweed revival by the Tweed

THE SCOTTISH BORDERS was once at the heart of the UK textiles business, but recent decades have seen the once thriving industry decline, causing unemployment and low morale… read more>>

Editorial Comment

IT COULD WELL BE, as our distinguished columnist Nick Jones suggests, in this issue, that bands of music makers and troubadors will overcome the obstacles put in their way by Brexit and somehow let their music be heard across Europe once more… read more>>

A bridge to Nowhere – or a tunnel?

DURING the early 20th century, Poland was so irrelevant on the European political map that it was referred to as 'the Polish corridor'… read more>>

The Castle Gallery, Inverness: Twenty years holding the fort

Inverness 1999: a town, said by some at the time, to be devoid of cultural aspirations. It was therefore a leap of faith when Denise Collins moved from Cambridge to Inverness to set up the Castle Gallery. After ten months of extensive renovation of the grade B listed building, the gallery opened on April 20, 2001… read more>>

Can music – and musicians – recover from the self-inflicted disaster of Brexit?

WHEN JORDI SAVALL, the Catalan musician, conductor and historian, now in his eightieth year, put together his collection 'Pro Pacem' in 2012 he wrote:… read more>>

In the country, with Stephen Barclay

I'M ON A REMOTE Northumberland farm, talking to one of the least known of the country's best known artists. A man with work in prestigious international collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Australian National Gallery, the Fleming Collection, and Newcastle's Laing. He's shown in a string of high profile exhibitions....but not for over a decade… read more>>

A painter who delivers

BORN INTO a family of 13, the youngest son of six boys and seven girls, it was never going to be easy to stand out in the crowd… read more>>

Jim Haynes remembered

OBVIOUSLY, the death of my dear friend Jim Haynes saddened me and at the same time alerted me to the fact that I must use every remaining day of my long life in putting the Demarco Archive into the shape and substance of a collaborative art work and certainly among the most important collaborators must be Jim Haynes… read more>>

The advice was – Run Run Run

TWO YEARS AGO I was asked to go to India to talk to the Dalai Lama about Sir Walter Scott, the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of whose birth is celebrated this year… read more>>


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