Issue 231
May/June 2024

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Jun 15, 2024

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Back to nature, literally – on the Solway Firth

WHENEVER I read about the Solway Firth, the inlet of water that forms part of the border between Cumbria in England and Dumfries & Galloway in Scotland, I'm reminded of the UK's worst ever nuclear accident, largely hushed up back in 1957 when close to its southern bank, fire broke out in a nuclear reactor at Windscale (now Sellafield)… read more>>

Editorial Comment

THE NEWS that Visit Scotland is finally to turn the key on all its remaining tourist information centres will come as little surprise to anyone who has kept an eye on them in recent years… read more>>

A Smart Search Box can produce better sales results at minimal cost!

THE IMPORTANCE of accurately searching online content of an organisation's website could not be overemphasised as it could help enhance further interests in the business and eventually increase the overall revenue… read more>>

The Crafts in Scotland 1950-1990 A Golden Age by Alan Keegan

SO GOOD that Famedram have published this swansong from Alan Keegan, a long-standing friend of ArtWork and its predecessor, Craftwork. It's a very personal take on the story of the crafts in Scotland over half a century from 1950, and how they helped its image as a part of the United Kingdom, but also a place apart… read more>>

All at Sea, with Lowry

I'M FLOATING about, talking to the North Sea, a mile out from the mouth of Tweed. The sea. Where we came from aeons ago, where we work, play, travel, pollute, overfish and exploit. A place of profit, pleasure, fear, pain, mystery and solace… read more>>

Prof. Tony to the rescue…

THE RECENT rescue of a small parish church in rural Aberdeenshire could set a pattern for future efforts to save important parts of our built heritage… read more>>

Live it! Paint it! – and go and see it!

IT'S BEEN a long road for Lys Hansen, and what's uniquely satisfying, one might imagine, for her, is that one of her biggest exhibitions to date – Live it Paint it currently at Callendar House Gallery in Callendar Park is only a few miles from where she was born in Falkirk, so the road has come full circle as it were… read more>>

Painting with coastal castles

I'M BACK near Amble, on the beach, standing on a concrete cube. Close by, a corrugated cement tank trap. Both WW2 relics. Nearby, holidaymakers walk their dogs, unaware, or uncaring, that Arctic Terns, just in from Antarctica, nest here. Defend. Attack. Invade. Exploit. A familiar pattern, it confirms that, beneath any civilised facade, we're animals, part of nature's creation, fighting for survival… read more>>

Why? oh, Wyllieum? asks Demarco

THE QUESTION MARK obviously symbolises the art of George Wyllie. It certainly dominated my thoughts as I journeyed home to Edinburgh from Greenock's remarkable art museum inspired by the life and art of George Wyllie with the memorable name of Wyllieum… read more>>

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The Crafts in Scotland 1950-1990
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