Issue 231
May/June 2024

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Jul 21, 2024


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Frank Bruce, self-taught sculptor and founder of the Colleonard Sculpture Garden, by Banff

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AnTobar on 56k ModemSheena Watson talks about An Tobar, Tobermory's arts centre.

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CastleGall on 56k ModemDenise Collins, owner of the Castle Gallery in Inverness talking.

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Balnakeil on 56k ModemArtWork reports from the Balnakeil Craft Village at Durness on the Far North coast, includes an interview with ceramicist Lotte Glob.

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JNeville on 56k ModemJim Neville gives ArtWork his views on the new exhibition space.

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Jolomo on 56k ModemJolomo - the landscape artist who sells "over 1,000 paintings a year".

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VisualArts on 56k ModemVisual Arts Scotland Vice President Anne Lorne Gillies at the RSA.

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Cairness on 56k ModemPhilip Miller on his experiences at James Playfair's Cairness House in Aberdeenshire.

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MSeggie on 56k ModemRichard Demarco on the road to Meikle Seggie....

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RMurphy on 56k ModemEdinburgh architect Richard Murphy on the new Tate Modern.

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